Welcome to Chromology, UK's first colour analysis consultancy based on the 12-tone Sci\ART™ method.

How much does a Personal Colour Consultation cost?

Personal Colour consultations fees are £355 and Guided Shopping services start from £110 per hour. Please refer to the services page for more information on what’s included in the various price packages.

What should I expect from the analysis?

During the analysis we’ll be able to determine the specific colour dimensions you harmonise with best. You’ll receive a colour fan with 60+ specific colour samples to help you make better future purchases. You’ll learn which colours to avoid and which colours make you sparkle and glow the most. Through educated colour choices you will look younger, effortlessly beautiful, confident, fresh and radiant.

Is there a discount for group bookings?

We offer a 10% discount for 2 or more clients booking at the same time. The appointments will be held on the same day for up to 3 clients; 4 or more people booking together will have split appointment dates.

What’s included in the price?

The ‘Essential Colour’ package is a 4-hour consultation at the studio, consisting of a brief introduction to colour analysis and the Sci\Art System followed by a 2.5 hour draping session. At the end of the draping, you’ll receive a colour fan with 60+ colour examples of your harmonising dimensions. We then continue practicing the correct use of the colour fan, for which you’re welcome to bring up to 5 of your favourite garments and make up. To finish off the session we will take 4-5 photographs of you in your best colours, where make up application will be optional. For extended colour services please refer to the services page for more information on what’s included.

Where is the Chromology Colour Studio located?

The studio is currently located in Grove, Wantage just south of Oxford. Please see our contact page for a map and full address.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

We recommend bringing 4-5 pieces of your favourite clothing and/or make up items with you so we can check how well they fit within your colour space. If you have a good matching foundation then we suggest you bring that along too, as the number of foundation colours we carry is limited. For those with sensitive skin we also recommend bringing your preferred cleanser, make up remover, moisturiser and mascara.

Can I bring someone along to watch?

Yes absolutely. This process is fascinating even to just observe, so please feel free to bring a person or two with you to watch. Maybe even consider having your sessions done together (one after the other) as you’ll learn even more about how the same colour can make one of you look fresh and radiant while the other appears tired and worn out. There’s also a 10% discount for those who book together.

I live far away, can you analyse me from photographs?

Unfortunately not. Accurate colour communication via different cameras, lighting and monitor screens is near impossible. Corporate industries spend billions every year on colour technologies and still incur noticeable discrepancies in their colour communications. We don’t think we could put the answer to this question better than Kalisz put it:

“Questionnaires or the most advanced computer technology CANNOT come close to duplicating the human sense of sight and its interpretation [of colour]. The [colour] tone of a human being can only be conclusively determined in person, visually.”

Kathryn Kalisz, Founder of the Sci\Art Colour Analysis System

I was analysed in the 4 season system before, is this different?

Yes. The Sci\ART System is definitely different from the 4 season colour analysis system both in accuracy and processes. The 4 season colour analysis, made popular by companies such as Colour Me Beautiful, had an essential introductory role in the history of prescribing harmonious colours for people.

Much like other science based industries such as medicine and computer technology, colour analysis has developed and improved over the years and the precision and information the Sci\ART system now provides is beyond comparison. In the 4 season method it was believed that human colouring could be classed as either cool or warm. In contrast, the Sci\ART system is based on ‘natural colour order’ and organises colours as seen and configured in nature – where the majority of colours are not extreme cool or warm, but neutral.

In terms of the analysis or ‘determining’ process, the 4 season theory is heavily based on stereotypes and appearance. Sci\ART on the other hand utilises a more scientific approach by selecting carefully calibrated drapes to progressively measure the reactions of your skin and pigmentation, whilst taking advantage of a neutral background and controlled lighting to ensure a distraction-free environment and an accurate result.

What if I don’t like the colours you assign to me?

There could be several reasons why you don’t like the colours ‘prescribed’, but we’ll try to cover some of the most common causes.

Some people instinctively wear colours that are harmonious to them, but for those who don’t, wearing new colours that they’re not used to can be quite unsettling at first. You’re used to seeing yourself in a certain way and the man or woman staring back at you in the mirror can feel like a stranger. This is not uncommon at all as the longer you see the same thing, the more ‘normal’ it will appear to you. Unless you have obvious negative observations about specific colours in your new palette, such as your face looking tired or your eye sockets appearing discoloured etc., trust the objectivity of your analyst and try to give yourself some time to let your eyes and mind ‘adjust’.

Of course there’s always the possibility of the result being off. Whilst us analysts always thrive to give you the correct result and only that, mistakes can occasionally happen. During the analysis you will see how the process self-checks, and you will be able to observe and evaluate the various visual effects together with us. If we accidentally start going down a wrong path it’ll become more and more obvious as we move along.

It is essential that you come with an open mind about the possible result of your colour analysis. Even the smallest amount of resistance or reservedness can subconsciously undermine the result. For example, micro expressions are momentary involuntary facial expressions that people unconsciously display when they are hiding an emotion; they are quick & intense expressions of concealed emotion, and both client and analyst can be completely unaware of them. These inconspicuous expressions can certainly influence the decision making process, so if you think you might have been assigned the wrong colours please contact us to discuss your observations. We’ll schedule a follow up appointment and retrace our steps to see if we can find you a more harmonious colour set.

Can I get a refund if I’m unhappy?

You can get a refund for your colour fan upon return if it’s in ‘good as new’ condition, however the consultation fee itself is non-refundable. Other than my professional opinion, what you’re paying for is my time which cannot be ‘returned’ as such. We do, however, operate under a client satisfaction protocol whereby we offer a free follow up consultation to discuss any struggles, double check your result and resolve any other matters in question.

Can I wear make up during the analysis?

To be able to correctly determine your colouring, the analysis has to be done without make up as even the slightest distractions can affect the result. Our eyes and minds cannot help but to take all information into consideration when trying to solve a problem, so even the thinnest layer of foundation, eyeliner or stains from leftover lipstick can alter the ‘solution’ to the ‘what colours harmonise best with this person’s inherent colour palette’ problem.

If you have permanent make up, we will cover it up with a concealer that matches your overtone to make sure it doesn’t interfere with the result.

I wear subscription glasses, can I keep them on for the session?

If possible please wear contact lenses instead of glasses. If that’s not an option, there will be times during the session when I’ll ask you to remove your glasses so I can take a better look.

I have a beard, will this interfere with the analysis or result?

No, don’t worry. Facial hair can actually be quite useful in seeing the various effects of colour and determining where you look your absolute best, healthiest, freshest, most competent and so on.

Can I buy a colour fan without booking an appointment?

Yes of course, we sell the 12-tone colour fans for £45 (+ p&p) each and you have the choice of ‘classic’ or ‘corporate’ colour sets for each 12-tone colour space.