Welcome to Chromology, UK's first colour analysis consultancy based on the 12-tone Sci\ART™ method.

The basics

Prior to any shopping or style consultation session, you would have had a Personal Colour Analysis with us or completed our personal shopping questionnaire.

After booking your appointment, you’ll need to fill out our wardrobe planner form and take photos of items you already own so that we can build outfits around them as well. The guided shopping is not limited to clothing purchases – we have an additional makeup planner form for those who need guidance with planning their various make up looks.

Personal image styling and guided shopping for men and women in Oxford, Bicester Village, Reading, Newbury and London

I also offer the opportunity to book time with me to fill a Pinterest board with inspirations suited to your colouring, body geometry and taste. This is also charged at £110/hour and you can expect to receive approximately 30-50 pinned images per one hour booking.

(*Please note that our image consultancy has minimum booking requirements for personal shopping: London or Bluewater 4 hours, Oxford or Bicester Village 2 hours, online shopping / Pinterest boards 1 hour)

Shopping in stores

Shopping in stores is easy and lots of fun. On a typical day, we’ll meet at a large department store such as Debenhams, John Lewis or Selfridges as they carry many different brands and cater for all kinds of occasions from casual attire to workwear, party clothes and wedding garments.

Personal image styling and guided shopping for men and women in Oxford, Bicester Village, Reading, Newbury and London

We will start with a 15-20 minute ‘coffee meet and greet’ to get to know each other and go through your wardrobe and/or make plans. From there we’ll devise a strategy and head straight to the relevant brands or departments and begin trying on different items of clothing or makeup.

We’ll be strategically looking for clothes that are in your personal colour tone, suit your personal taste and the occasion. To make the most of our time together, please allocate a flexible budget so we can base our selection criteria solely on whether items are flattering to your colouring and style or not.

At the end of our trip we’ll have a 15 minute debrief to evaluate our findings, update your wardrobe plan and identify the next purchases to focus on.

Shopping online

The good thing about online shopping is that the minimum booking requirement is just 1 hour. So if you’re looking for an outfit for a specific occasion (job interview, public speaking, Gala/awards night, birthday party, wedding dress, cocktail party and so on), an hour’s booking may be all you need to help you find some great options suitable for your colouring and body shape.

Of course, the downside of online shopping is that you can’t try on the outfits there and then, so you’ll need to budget enough to be able to purchase multiple options all at once. Once you’ve tried them on you can of course return the items that you no longer require.

Personal styling and guided shopping on Pinterest with Chromology SciART Colour Consultancy

One really creative way to engage in online shopping together is by jointly collaborating on a Pinterest board. Instead of us building just a generic inspirational board for you, we’ll be pinning clothing items directly from purchasable weblinks, which means you’ll be able to order any item you like from your shopping board. You can also pin items yourself for us to check or comment on, making the whole experience fully interactive and personalised.

Personal image styling and guided shopping for men and women in Oxford, Bicester Village, Reading, Newbury and London