Welcome to Chromology, UK's first colour analysis consultancy based on the 12-tone Sci\ART™ method.

The basics

Guided Shopping Sessions are especially beneficial if you’re not great at making choices quickly or not sure how to select the best style of clothing to suit your body and practical needs. Guided Shopping is not limited to clothing purchases, I can also help you make informed selections for specific accessories (shoes, bags, jewellery, glasses) or makeup for a special occasion.

Prior to a guided shopping session, you should have had a Personal Colour Analysis consultation, to maximise the benefits of the feedback we can provide during your session.

Personal image styling and guided shopping for men and women in Oxford, Bicester Village, Reading, Newbury and London

There are 2 ways that we can guide you through your personal shopping: accompanying you to the shops in-person or by populating an online shopping board on Pinterest. All shopping sessions (in-store or online) are £110/hour on weekdays and £175/hour on weekends and the minimum booking time for a session is 2 hours. In-store appointments take place on Kings Road Chelsea, Harrods or Harvey Nichols on Monday or Friday afternoons.

In-store shopping is always a gamble because of seasonality, but we generally tend to find between 1-4 suitable items per hour. On Pinterest, you can expect to receive approximately 30-40 pinned images per hour, from which clients tend to order between 5-8 pieces for try-ons.

Shopping on the high street

Shopping in stores is very practical, because we can scan the selection of items from each brand much faster than we can via shopping online and ‘get the job done’ there and then. You are also able to try on items straight away without having to wait for online deliveries and deal the hassle of returns, so if you are time-poor this is definitely your best option.

Personal image styling and guided shopping for men and women in Oxford, Bicester Village, Reading, Newbury and London

On a typical day, we’ll meet at the Sloane Square end of Kings Road and work our way down the High Street from there. We start with a 15-20 minute ‘coffee meet and greet’ to go through your wardrobe and/or makeup needs. From there we devise a strategy and head straight to the relevant shops and brands to begin trying on different options from what’s available in stores.

We’ll be strategically looking for clothes that are in your personal colour tone, fit your body properly and satisfy the needs of the occasion they’re for. To make the most of our time together, please allocate a flexible budget so we can base our selection criteria solely on whether items are flattering to your colouring and style or not.

At the end of our trip we’ll have a 15 minute debrief to evaluate our findings, update your wardrobe plans and identify the next purchases to focus on.

Pinterest Shopping Boards

Pinterest is fantastic for inspiration gathering and shopping trip planning. If you’re looking for an outfit for a specific occasion (job interview, public speaking, Gala/awards night, birthday party, wedding dress, cocktail party, book signing and so on), some inspirational images may be all you need to help you find some great options.

There’s nothing more annoying than looking at lovely outfit inspirations, but not being able to try them on or buy them because they’re old stock or the brands of the items are unknown. What’s great about Pinterest is that we can pin items that are currently for sale in the shops right now, so if you wanted to try something on then you’ve got that option (while stocks last of course).

Personal styling and guided shopping on Pinterest with Chromology SciART Colour Consultancy

So, instead of us building just a generic inspirational board for you, I’ll be pinning items directly from purchasable weblinks, which means that you’ll be able to order items you liked from your Shopping Board for try ons. You can also pin items yourself for me to check and/or comment on, making the whole experience interactive and personalised.

You’ll need to budget enough to be able to purchase multiple try-on options for items you need, because from images we can’t always tell how an item will fit or what the colour will actually look like, but after try-ons you can of course return any items that didn’t work as well.

Personal image styling and guided shopping for men and women in Oxford, Bicester Village, Reading, Newbury and London