Welcome to Chromology, UK's first colour analysis consultancy based on the 12-tone Sci\ART™ method.

I turned out to be Gabi's 1st paying client after nagging her to see me before her business had gone live, she did not disappoint.
It was amazing to see how, in the right light, colours reacted to my face. Some causing the illusion of a double chin, some giving me a moustache (no woman needs that) and generally noticing the colour of my skin change, the outline of my face and features and my eyes pop or blur. All in all, fascinating.

Gabi's direction and comments were certain and passionate, a language which I, and i'm guessing all of us, want to hear. I would not have guessed I was her 1st client as her confidence and knowledge were there in droves.
I have to say that I was keen to come out a dark winter having always loved the mystery of wearing the darker end of the spectrum. So when this great news was delivered, I was a happy bunny.

After the PCA, we moved onto makeup, clothing and accessories. There was one particular lipstick that I had previously always reserved for an evening but hearing that I 'can' more than pull off a darker shade in the daytime, I went forth and wore said shade for the past 2 days.
I have never received so many compliments.
An absolutely positive experience that has made me feel more confident about embracing my darker shade as a full-time pursuit.

The future looks brighter for me...in a dark winter kind of way, thanks to Gabi.
Charlotte – Aug 2014
Personal Colour Analysis ClientAfter having various PCA’s since the 1990’s, I can confirm that my recent PCA with Gabriella (Gabi) Pusztai was the most thorough I have experienced. I can now say with confidence that I have found my colour home! I know this to be true, as I saw how the different colour drapes changed my face under the guidance of Gabi, who has the extraordinary ability of seeing how colour changes skin tone, features and definition in the face, down to the subtlest detail. She has a thorough understanding of colour, which comes from years of study and working with it in her profession, along with an extraordinary eye for detail, and real love and enthusiasm for colour. Coupled with the Sci-Art system, which Gabi delivered very confidently, correctly and methodically as it was taught to her, by the amazing Christine Scaman and Terry Wildfong - one cannot fail to get an accurate result. Gabi also gave very useful tips, explaining how to use the swatch book, and making me aware how different materials affect colour i.e. silk radiates light, great for Bright's like me. I found it refreshing that Gabi encouraged me to participate in the colour analysis, asking how I felt about the colour, how did I look in it, what did I see?

I had a strong sense that Gabi wants to seek the truth for her clients and deliver an accurate result (there is no cutting corners here). When I was considering having a Sci-Art PCA with Gabi, she said that we would let the drapes do the talking to find my colour home - she was right. Gabi just ‘gets it’ too of course!
Nicola – Aug 2014
I had a colour analysis draping with Gabi recently. I was both a little surprised but very pleased with the result: dark winter. Before my analysis, in true winter form, I wrote out a report of my colour journey so far and predictions. I guessed summer. I was told soft before, I expect partially due to seasonal stereotypes.

Gabi understood why I wasn't happy and went above and beyond showing me what worked and didn't. Gabi is a lovely, bubbly lady who you'll instantly befriend. You can tell she is passionate about what she does and very knowledgeable. The draping was very thorough - which I loved. There were times when colours were obviously wrong but others I found harder to see - Gabi patiently walked me through what the effects of the wrong and right colour dimensions are on the face. No seasons were quickly eliminated; everything was compared to each other. The softs were left in despite being obviously wrong just so I could see how disappointing they were in comparison. To me, the most important thing was that I wanted to see and understand with my own eyes what was wrong and right - so I could be confident of the result.

Gabi certainly doesn't cut corners in her ability to discern your colour truth. I would recommend if you are confused or uncertain, or have had a shaky colour journey you contact her and explain your concerns and she will give you the clarity and confidence you need to move forward. If you're new to colour analysis Gabi will warmly introduce to a new-found intrigue of what the right colours can do for you.
Laura – Sept 2014
Colour Analysis ClientDon't let the fact that Gabi is new to colour analysis put you off. Her colour 'eye' is incredible. Nothing is too much trouble for her and in our time together she helped me to see how colour affected me in a whole new light. Super friendly and professional. Highly recommend her services!
Beverley – Sept 2014
Colour Analysis ClientI cannot speak highly enough of Gabi and her incredibly talented eye for colour. I had the most exciting experience watching her work her magic. It was, quite literally, like watching myself slowly come into focus as she methodically worked her way through the drapes in a standardised and logical manner, explaining and showing each step of the way what effects she was seeing in my face in reaction to each drape, and what clues that gave us about my colouring. The story unfolded before my eyes, as I watched the definition snap into place on my face, the skin clear, the eyes deepen and brighten.

It has to be seen to be believed, and for me I am convinced it will be nothing short of life-changing. I am thrilled with my bright winter colours. I think this is about so much more than finding your best colours. It is about finding, acknowledging and accepting the truth about yourself. What an incredible gift to give yourself, and what a talented woman Gabi is.
Natalie – Sept 2014
Gabi is wonderful. She has a fantastic eye for colour and explains everything so clearly. I can't recommend her highly enough.
Joyanne – Oct 2014
Gabi is talented, knowledgeable and passionate about colour. She patiently demonstrates every comparison which might be interesting or useful and teaches the client what to look for in each. Her approach is to stand side by side and see what can be observed together, rather than making a pronouncement.

I found the process fascinating, and hugely validating. Slowly, with each comparison a picture built up and we saw how I need far more darkness than my appearance suggests. The effect was extraordinary, making me feel as well as look stronger and more vibrant.

Gabi was very thorough in teaching me how to assess clothes and makeup and I was delighted to "reclaim" some favourite items which I'd thought "wrong" but hadn't been able to part with.

I have complete faith in the final result which was demonstrated beyond any doubt. I would recommend Gabi wholeheartedly, especially to the "colour confused" who feel let down by previous drapings. She is very warm, and sensitive to people's experiences and the emotions which can arise.
Lindsay – Nov 2014
Colour Analysis ClientGabiella, I don't know how many hours we spent analysing and talking, but it was one of my best experiences ever! You were born to this kind of stuff. I still cannot believe I'm on the cooler side but it makes all sense to me now.
All the best, I want to recommend your services to everyone.
Anna – Nov 2014
Colour Analysis ClientI had the most brilliant time with Gabi, who is an extraordinarily good judge of colour as well as a lovely person. I was with her for hours, and the time whizzed by as it was all so much fun. I could not have wished for a better draping experience: not only do I now know for sure which season is mine, but I also know exactly where within that season my particular colouring falls, which explains why I can only wear some of the lipsticks other BW people wear, and a hundred other details like this.

Gabi made sure I understood every part of the draping and, although I began by making snap judgements based on my previous feelings about colours, it was magical to see with her how the contrasting drapes revealed better or worse options, narrowing down eventually to my two or three best seasons. Everything was compared with everything else and, even though I thought I knew a lot about colour analysis, I learnt a great deal throughout the time I was with Gabi. I was so surprised for instance that colours that are too soft for me can actually look 'too bright' near my face. The effects of the wrong colours tell you as much as the effects of the right ones and the whole process was fascinating. Despite my Summery appearance, I happen to be placed very centrally within my BW season, which is great to know in itself, but I also know that if I ever need to appear formidable and strict without losing myself completely, I can dip into True Winter.

I believe that we in the UK are so lucky to have Gabi here: she has an unimaginably nuanced eye for detail and is hugely talented at what she does and at communicating it.
Florence – Dec 2014
My mind is still spinning from my session with Gabi. I learned so much in four hours with her and it changed the way I thought about how colours work together and how they look on me. I was so impressed with her eye for colour - I wish I had it - and she took a systematic approach to finding the right colours for me: Bright Winter. It will take me a long time to put all that I learned into practice, and I think that's a good thing as it shows the depth of the whole process. The colour analysis was a gift to myself and it was well worth it - thank you Gabi!
Diana – June 2015
Thank you for an excellent time on Thursday. Both Marian and I found the day fun, interesting and very rewarding. Your knowledge of colour and people are very impressive. [...] You are great and your commitment, skill and expertise shine through.
Ann – Sept, 2015
I'm still a bit amazed that I came out as Dark Winter, but dressing like one has brought me lots of compliments - especially when I wear that Revlon Red Velvet lipstick we tried out!
Jenn – Sept, 2015
Gabi was amazing and I would recommend her wholeheartedly.

I'd had my colours done before several years ago by Colour Me Beautiful and been told I was definitely a soft season - probably Soft Autumn. After a quick draping process I was sent away with a little wallet of colours with no explanation about why they suited me or how to use them.

Being draped by Gabi was a revelation. The whole process was so much more thorough. With every drape, she took the time to point out exactly what it was doing to my skin and my eyes, and I could really see the transformation with each new colour. By the end I was left in no doubt that I was a Bright Winter. And yes, I know there are lots of BWs about, but I never felt that this was a default choice - it was clear at every step why certain colours were being included and others ruled out.

Now I take my fan of colours with me whenever I go out. I've only bought a few new pieces of clothing so far but every one has had people telling me how well I look and how much that colour suits me. My eyes, my skin, my hair, even my teeth look better when I am wearing "my" colours.
Andrea – Jan 2016