Welcome to Chromology, UK's first colour analysis consultancy based on the 12-tone Sci\ART™ method.

Gabi was amazing and I would recommend her wholeheartedly.

I’d had my colours done before several years ago by Colour Me Beautiful and been told I was definitely a soft season – probably Soft Autumn. After a quick draping process I was sent away with a little wallet of colours with no explanation about why they suited me or how to use them.

Being draped by Gabi was a revelation. The whole process was so much more thorough. With every drape, she took the time to point out exactly what it was doing to my skin and my eyes, and I could really see the transformation with each new colour. By the end I was left in no doubt that I was a Bright Winter. And yes, I know there are lots of BWs about, but I never felt that this was a default choice – it was clear at every step why certain colours were being included and others ruled out.

Now I take my fan of colours with me whenever I go out. I’ve only bought a few new pieces of clothing so far but every one has had people telling me how well I look and how much that colour suits me. My eyes, my skin, my hair, even my teeth look better when I am wearing “my” colours.