Welcome to Chromology, UK's first colour analysis consultancy based on the 12-tone Sci\ART™ method.

I turned out to be Gabi’s 1st paying client after nagging her to see me before her business had gone live, she did not disappoint.
It was amazing to see how, in the right light, colours reacted to my face. Some causing the illusion of a double chin, some giving me a moustache (no woman needs that) and generally noticing the colour of my skin change, the outline of my face and features and my eyes pop or blur. All in all, fascinating.

Gabi’s direction and comments were certain and passionate, a language which I, and i’m guessing all of us, want to hear. I would not have guessed I was her 1st client as her confidence and knowledge were there in droves.
I have to say that I was keen to come out a dark winter having always loved the mystery of wearing the darker end of the spectrum. So when this great news was delivered, I was a happy bunny.

After the PCA, we moved onto makeup, clothing and accessories. There was one particular lipstick that I had previously always reserved for an evening but hearing that I ‘can’ more than pull off a darker shade in the daytime, I went forth and wore said shade for the past 2 days.
I have never received so many compliments.
An absolutely positive experience that has made me feel more confident about embracing my darker shade as a full-time pursuit.

The future looks brighter for me…in a dark winter kind of way, thanks to Gabi.