Welcome to Chromology, UK's first colour analysis consultancy based on the 12-tone Sci\ART™ method.

Colour is incredible – it’s the single predominant quality on which we base all of our perceptions about everything we see. Colour is responsible for our first impressions, from objects and interior design to hair, make-up and clothes. It’s not surprising then that when we meet someone we are viewed and judged on the basis of our external qualities such as skin, clothes, accessories and make-up, before they have a chance to get to know our internal qualities.

Munsell Student Colour Set for Studies on Colour Psychology and Colour Harmony

In his book – The New Munsell Student Color Set (Fourth Edition, 2016) – Jim Long sums up the power of colour perfectly:

Colour communicates critical information about the world; it is a source of stimulation and pleasure; it shapes and activates space; and it holds psychological and cultural associations that facilitate communication.

Can we influence and control the first impressions that we create?

You might already be aware that people make an impression of us within the first 90 seconds, but did you know that, according to CCICOLOR (Institute for Colour Research), up to 90% of that impression is based on colour alone? Surprising isn’t it, but subconsciously we do it all the time. Have you ever met someone who makes a real entrance whenever they enter a room, someone who always aces the interview and gets the job or always has people commenting how accomplished and inspiring they are and how healthy and beautiful they look?

Orange Compliments Blue - Sci\ART™ UK Personal Colour Analysis

“On the colour wheel blue complements orange, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that if you have blue eyes then you should wear orange – very few can.”

Personal colour analysis isn’t concerned with what colours you like or tend to choose, it’s about what harmonises best with your genetic colour code. The wrong colours can make you look washed out, tired, stand-offish, upset and unwell, whilst colours that perfectly compliment your features and skin tone can make you look vibrant, bright, welcoming, healthy and happy.

Since 90% of the impression we give is based on colour alone, one simple yet effective way to influence our viewers’ perception is via the conscious colour choices we make when extending ourselves through our clothing, accessories and makeup. The science of harmonious colour combining, however, is not as simple as blue and orange are complementary therefore if you have blue eyes then you should be able to wear orange lipstick or clothing successfully.

The science behind a Chromology consultation

At Chromology we use a tried and tested system of colour analysis called Sci\ART™. Nature uses predictable algorithms when designing colour palettes and Sci\ART™ is one such system that considers and utilises natural algorithms in order to de-code human colouring. What makes Sci\ART™ outstanding compared to other colour grouping systems is the scientific examination and the vigorous ‘self-checking’ analysis process. When comparing the various colour samples as they project their optical effects onto your face, we look for signs of harmonising colours or opposing colours.

Colours that are harmonious with your genetic colour tone will bring life and vitality to your colouring. Your skin will look fresher, clearer and more radiant; your teeth will look whiter and your eyes will sparkle with photographic depth. Surface colouration, such as freckles, blemishes, rosacea or facial hair will become visibly reduced and facial features such as your eyes, nose, lips and bone structure will be more defined.

Opposing colours, on the other hand, draw emphasis to differences and will automatically harmonise with surface flaws and strengthen them. This means that the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, blotches and blemishes will be maximised; your skin becomes sallow, dull and muddy and your overall complexion appears tired, lethargic, and dull. The edges of your face get fuzzy, your cheekbones become lost and your face size appears wider and larger.

Are you as beautiful as you can be?

It’s easy to see how much of a difference colour makes to your appearance, but how can you be sure that you’re making the most of your features? Are you giving off the wrong first impression unintentionally by wearing disharmonious colours for your skin tone?

They key to a New You

A Personal Colour Analysis consultation is by far the fastest route to your personal image success. During the consultation you will see your genetic colour-code unfold right in front of your eyes, step by step in a logical manner. Being able to see and compare the differences between your very best and very worst colours is simply priceless. As your consultation draws to a conclusion your confidence will naturally build, your energy will rise and you’ll be sparkling with excitement seeing just how much you can shine.

Knowing exactly what to wear to that meeting for your promotion or even just knowing how to choose the right ‘neutrals’ for your everyday work attire is really powerful. No more headaches in the morning when you can’t find a top that goes with your shoes or trousers. When your wardrobe is fully colour harmonised, the colour pairing of outfits becomes a breeze.

A colour analysis using the Sci\ART™ system will unlock your natural potential, giving you that extra boost to help you glide effortlessly through every aspect of life; whether you’re looking for new love, a new job, to further your career with confidence, to sparkle at a party or you simply want to look brighter and healthier and become your authentic-self, a Sci\ART™ consultation will equip you with a powerful knowledge that you can take with you everywhere, everyday.